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1956 Dash Area Parts

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217B Dash trim set (left, right and center inserts)

179.95 set


Covertible garnish molding divider (under
mirror support

15.00 ea

626 Gold belair script for speaker grille

14.00 ea

900 Turnsignal lever with knob

14.00 ea

10305 Turnsignal lever knob only

6.00 ea

11068 Chrome gear shift lever with knob

38.00 ea

11969 Gear shift lever spring

3.00 ea

12982 Gear shift lever retaining pin

3.00 ea

C5800 Gear shift lever rubber boot ( on steering column)

6.00 ea

11969 Gear shift lever knob only

6.00 ea

E0616 Gear shift steering column collar

55.00 ea

E0615 Gear shift steering column collar with out shift
lever provision

55.00 ea

378 Black plastic emergency brake handle

25.95 ea

2256 Chrome emergency brake handle
L-171 Chrome coat hooks

12.00 pr


Rear ashtray retainer and slide assembly, 2 door
(hdt, and conv.)

28.00 ea

L-173 Rear ashtray insert (cup) 2 door htd. & conv.
18.00 ea
UF-21 Back seat ash tray's (all sedan) 89.00 set
L-277 Chrome inside sunvisor bracket (convertible)

125.00 pr


Inside sun visor mounting screw set (except conv.)
both sides

3.00 set

12165 Chrome inside sun visor brackets (hdt. sedan)

32.00 pr

E0389 Chrome ignition switch retaining nut

16.00 ea

1074 Windshield wiper indicator insert (Belair)

10.95 ea

1072 Lighter indicator insert (Belair)

10.95 ea

1073 Lights indicator insert (Belair)

15.95 ea

SPUV693C 6x9 upgrade speaker

99.00 pr

668 Indicator insert set, 6 pieces (Belair)

42.95 set


Speedometer face

29.95 ea
298C Powerglide shift indicator face

19.95 ea

1054 Turbohydramatic transmission indicator face

18.40 ea

1281 Heater control face

27.95 ea

1057A Heater control chrome bezel, deluxe heater

99.00 ea

1057AB 55-56 Heater housing (rebuilt) 245.00 ea
298B Clock face
17.95 ea
5556 Clock-Original appearance 145.00 ea

Chrome speedometer housing, upper and lower
covers, and speaker grille with frame. Auto. trans.

399.00 set

Chrome speedometer housing, upper and lower
covers, and speaker grille with frame. Std. trans

399.00 set


Dash indicator light kit. Includes red oil, and gen.
green turnsignal lens with light tubes

45.00 kit


Dash indicator and gauge detailer kit. (Contains gas
and temperature gauge face decals, oil - gen word
insert, turnsignal and high beam recoloring discs

45.00 kit
C76550 Speedometer cluster assembly gaskets

5.00 set

13663 Speedometer head rebuilt with trade

225.00 ea

252 Horn ring, Belair models only (3 spoke)

128.95 ea

1399 Horn ring, 210 models only (2 spoke)
128.95 ea
SB-27C 55-56 Chrome horn cap (center) Belair 55.95 ea
SB-27 55-56 Paintable horn cap (center) Belair 39.95 ea
1023 V8 horn ring cap emblem, Belair
16.95 ea
1040 V8 horn ring cap emblem, 210

16.95 ea

1053 6 cyl horn ring cap emblem, Belair

18.50 ea

1054 6 cyl horn ring cap emblem, 210 18.50 ea
U174 55-56 Horn cover cap (Black) 32.00 pr
U174A 55-56 Horn cover cap (Chrome) 38.00 pr
56C9000 Accessory tissue dispenser with emblem and tissue

75.00 ea

4717660 Accessory vanity mirror, fits on sunvisor

35.00 ea

4713000 Accessory traffic light viewer

58.00 ea

17681 Inside rear view mirror ( all models )

28.00 ea

17681-56 Inside day / night rear view mirror

65.00 ea

17690 Inside mirror support (except conv.)

28.00 ea

17690A Convertible inside mirror chrome support
69.95 ea
E0407 Center dash garnish molding connector

12.00 ea

UF-27 Factory dash A/C vents (R-L) 295.00 pr
GL13-5-6 55-56 Glove box door metal with arm 129.95 ea
9.29C 56 Glove box arm bracket 10.00 ea
20-566 Dash gauges to cluster mounting screws (Pack of 21)

5.00 set

5556 Clock-Original appearance
UF-01A Dash cluster set (auto)
GL-55-56 55-56 Glove box door metal with arm
U174 55-56 Horn cover cap (black or chrome)
SB-27 Paintable horn cap center BA
1057AB 55-56 Heater housing (all new)
UF-27 56 Factory Dash A/C vents (R-L)
298B Speedometer face

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SB-74 Accessory tissue dispenser with tissue and emblem
252 Horn ring (belair)
1023 V-8 Horn ring cap emblem
J-26 Accessory traffic light viewer
L-277 Chrome inside sunvisor brackets
SB-66 Dash trim set
3699 Chrome emergency brake handle
900 Turn signal lever
1056 Clock face
1054 Turbo Trans. Indicator
EO389 Chrome ignition retaining nut