Classic Chevy Of Greenville

1956 Miscellaneous Parts

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To order: Call: 1-864-269-1965 or 1-864-269-1956

Fax: 1-864-220-1106


Ship: Classic Chevy Of Greenville

2306 River Road

Piedmont, S.C. 29673

Mail: Classic Chevy Of Greenville

PO Box 51310

Piedmont, S.C. 29673

221 Nomad tailgate cable

29.95 ea

221A Station wagon tailgate cable (except nomad)

29.95 ea

1058 Tailgate cable reel (Nomad & S.W.)

59.95 ea

6.99A 55-57 Cable guides (Nomad & Wagon) 40.00 pr
12328 S.W. lower tail gate hinge inside covers

25.00 ea

1111 Lower tailgate hinge repair kit (Nomad & SW) 12.95 kit
E0224 Hood latch striker plate

14.00 ea

HO-13_56L Hood Latch (NEW) 99.95 ea
UF-24 Polished stainless steel hood hinges 399.99 pr


1304 Trunk lid insulation kit (6 pieces)

29.95 kit

L-61B Rear license
plate bracket
1956 hood
latch (NEW)
1304 Trunk lid
insulation kit
UF-25 56 steel hood hinges
L-299A Door latch
striker plates
10-286A Door hinge pin and bronze bushing kit
UF-24 Stainless
Steel hood hinges
20 253 Spare tire wing nut
13513 Lug wrench
E0244 Hood latch plate

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