Classic Chevy Of Greenville

1957 Weatherstrips, Seals & Rubber

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Piedmont, S.C. 29673

C58007N Nomad lift gate weatherstrip (on body)

50.00 ea

613 Nomad lift gate tabs

18.95 pr

C58008N Nomad tailgate weather strip (lower)

95.00 ea

C78007 Station wagon lift gate weatherstrip

65.00 ea

C78008J Station wagon lower tail gate weatherstrip

65.00 ea

C78009 Sedan delivery tailgate weatherstripwith clips

65.00 ea


Door weatherstrip with clips (rubber around doors)
2 door sedan and 2 door S.W.

59.95 pr

1003 Door weatherstrip with clips, 4 door sedan and S.W.
front door

59.95 pr


Door weatherstrip with clips, 4 door sedan and S.W.
rear door

59.95 pr
1004 Door w/strip rear 4 dr. ht (w/molded ends) 92.95 pr
1005 Door w/strip front 4 dr. ht (w/molded ends) 92.95 pr

1001C Door weatherstrip with clips, molded ends (nomad)

92.95 pr


Door weatherstrip with clips and with attached
molded ends (2 door hdt., and conv. only)



Door weatherstrip front retainer (all model)

2.25 pr

C5-1209 Door hinge weatherstrip “J” shaped with mounting
buttons (all models)

18.00 pr


Door pillar weatherstrip with clips (hdt., conv., &
nomad) mounts on windsheild pillar

16.00 pr

12107 Door bottom drain seals

10.00 set

C5-202-3 Door bumper, 2 prong push-in

3.00 ea

C5-202-1 Door bumper, 1 prong push in

3.00 ea

C5-202-2 Door bumper, held in screw

3.00 ea

C5-202-4 Door bumper, rectangular push in (4 door sedan)

3.00 ea


Door bumper,1 prong lower rear door, (4 door
sedan only)

3.00 ea
C5-200-6 Door bumper, rectangular push-in (4 door hardtop)

3.00 ea

C5-657 Sedan front door upper access hole plug

6.00 pr

1227 Station wagon tail gate bumper, 2 prong

4.00 ea


Station wagon lift gate bumper, (except nomad)
3 prong

4.00 ea

Interior garnish molding to vent post rubber bumper
hardtop, and convertible only

22.00 pr
1229 Nomad liftgate bumper
4.00 ea
C5-601 Rocker panel drain hole plug

6.00 pr

1011 Trunk weatherstrip, with clips

38.00 ea

C5-400 Lower trunk bumper (in jamb)

3.00 ea

C5-401 Upper trunk bumper (in lid)

3.00 ea

C5-401A Trunk bumper set

12.00 set

C7-650 Headlamp bezel to body seals

10.00 pr

B1-6506 Headlamp bucket to fender gaskets

4.00 pr

B1-755 Headlamp bucket wire harness grommets

2.00 ea

C7-6504 Tail lamp to body seal (Set of 4)

6.00 set


Tail lamp dust deflector with metal retainers

24.95 pr
C7-2600 Firewall to hood weatherstrip

14.00 ea

20-157 Firewall to hood weatherstrip retainer and screw set

6.50 set

C5-157 Top of firewall access hole plug

4.00 ea

C7-8000 Body to rear bumper seal

22.00 ea

C5-1215 Rear fender skirt seals

12.00 pr

C7-2400 Front splash pan to bumper seals

12.00 pr


Front A frame seal to bumper bracket anti-rattle
seals. set of 4

25.00 set

C7-9017 Steering column firewall seal (auto) sponge

16.95 ea

C79017St Steering column firewall seal (std)

16.95 ea

C79017At Steering column ribbed floor seal (auto)

16.95 ea

C79017Ps Steering column ribbed floor seal (auto w/PB)

16.95 ea

C79017St Steering column ribbed floor seal (std) with bracket

16.95 ea

C5-800 Steering column to dash cushion

5.00 ea

C5-9023 Gas pedal with platic insert

24.95 ea

E0-97 Gas pedal plastic insert only

2.00 ea


Gas pedal triangular grommet and round dimmer
switch grommets

12.00 pr
SB-11 Accessory gas pedal rubber cover

35.00 ea

10091 Clutch or brake pedal pad

10.00 ea

10092 Power brake pedal pad

16.00 ea

C5-500 Brake pedal bumper

4.00 ea

C5-355 Ash tray bumper

4.00 ea

C7-2100 Inner fender dust sheild (hangs over A frame)

21.00 pr

C7-2100B Inner fender dust sheild metal retainers

18.00 set


Front end sheet metal anti-squeek assembly
gasket kit (12 gaskets)

22.00 set

C7-2201 Inner fender edge vertical seals

22.00 pr

C7-2300 Hood anti-squeek gasket kit

14.00 kit

C5-1225 Rear wheel well inner edge seals (except conv)

32.00 set

C7-2704 Air duct to inner fender seals

10.00 pr

C7-2701 Air duct connector sleeves, wrap around seals

10.00 pr

C72701MS Air duct connector sleeves, molded

30.00 pr

C7-2705 Air duct drain tube grommet

4.00 ea


Rubber bumper bullets with hardware

48.00 pr
C7-250 Gas door bumpers (set of 4)

12.00 set

E0-544 Gas door springs

6.00 pr


Exterior gasket set, 2 door car (includes door
handle and lock cylinder

6.00 set

C5-1213 Antenna base gaskets (front fenders)

4.00 ea

C5-1214A Rear antenna base gaskets

4.00 ea

C5-1214B Outside mirror gasket

4.00 ea

C5-450 Pass license plate bumpers

5.00 pr

C7-556 License plate wire grommets

5.00 pr

C5-600 Spare tire well drain hole plug

4.00 ea

532 Body to frame mount cushions & spacers (ht.) 99.00 set
532A Body to frame mount cushions & spacers (sedan, nomad, sw) 99.00 set
20-190 Body bolt mount kit (hdt.)

19.90 kit

20-189 Body bolt mount kit (sedan & S.W.)

19.90 kit

B9-405 Trunk pan hole plug

2.00 ea

C5-402 Trunk pan body mount access plug

16.00 ea

C7-2701 Air duct connector sleeves
C7-2100A Front A frame seals
C7-2200 Front fender anti-squeek gasket kit
C7-3005 Rubber bullets
C7-2201 Front fender seal
E0668 Taillamp dust deflector with metal retainers
C7-8000 Back bumper seal
C7-2400 Front splash pan to bumper seals
C5-1210 Door pillar weatherstrip
1001C Door weatherstrip (Nomad)
C7-6505 Headlamp door seal
C7-6504 taillamp to body seals
C7-2600 Firewall to hood weather strip
C3-601 Rocker panel plugs
613 Nomad tailgate tabs