Classic Chevy Of Greenville

55-56-57 500 Series Steering Box

CPP, a leading producer of power recirculation-ball steering gears, has combined experience with cutting-edge technology to develop a new 500 series of steering gears that provide directional control of the vehicle. These gears also provide road feedback and a stable feel to the driver. Classic Performance's power recirculating-ball gears feature low friction and quick response. An open-centered, rotary-type valve provides smooth opertion throughout the steering range-while retaining excellent road feel. The integral rack piston converts hydraulic pressure to a rotation force that moves the steering linkage left or right. The steering system and hydraulic fluid also act as a cushion to help absorb road shocks.
Prices are subject to change without notice!

To order: Call: 1-864-269-1965 or 1-864-269-1956

Fax: 1-864-220-1106


Mail: Classic Chevy Of Greenville

2306 River Road

Piedmont, S.C. 29673

CP50000 1955-57, each $449.95

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