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55-56-57 Car Covers

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To order: Call: 1-864-269-1965 or 1-864-269-1956

Fax: 1-864-220-1106


Mail: Classic Chevy Of Greenville

2306 River Road

Piedmont, S.C. 29673

Our car covers are tailored to fit. They are not
“universal” cover. No cover will take the place of a
garage, however, we have two dfferent materials
available, all water repellant, depending on the
type of storage. Flannel lined: a strong fabric with
a flannel lining. Recommended for indoor and
occasional outside use. Technalon: made of a
space age material that allows the car to “breathe”.
The most water repellant cover available.
Recommended for indoor or outdoor use.

C1376T 55-56 Technalon (except S.W.) 265.00 ea
C4046TK 55 Technalon (S.W.)

265.00 ea

C107TK 57 Technalon (except S.W.)

285.00 ea

C105TK 56-57 Technalon (S.W.) 285.00 ea

55-56 Technalon (cars with continental kit)

285.00 ea
C107TK 57 Technalon (cars with continental kit) 285.00 ea
CC10 55-57 Car cover lock and cable kit 20.00 ea
C511 55-57 Car cover storage bag 25.00 ea

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C105TK 56-57 Car cover (Sedan Delivery)
C107TK 57 Car Cover